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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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HEPA/High Efficiency Vacuums


High quality vacuums for lead dust and paint chips.   Capture up to 0.3 microns of dust particles. Made in the USA.

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Clean-up is always a necessary evil.   It is extremely important not to create more dust than necessary. Unfortunately most vacuums are not designed to collect the fine dust. It simply passes right through the filter and out the other end. If you own a regular Shop-Vac, we do not recommend using it for paint dust at all, because you will disburse the dust in other parts of your home. By running the vacuum, the air will expand and transport large amounts of dust into other adjacent spaces. If you are not going to make the investment in a new HEPA or High Efficiency vacuum, we recommend wetting mop to keep the dust down to a minimum.

Where you place a vacuum is also important.   If you are using a vacuum in the same space that you are removing paint, you will most likely transfer substantial amount of dust into other parts of your house no matter what vacuum you use. A HEPA or a High Efficiency vacuum will not pass dust through its filter, but the exhaust from the motor will create air turbulence and stir dust on the floor into the air. A simple suggestion is to create a negative air pressure in the space you are working in.

How to create a negative air pressure:   Cut a plywood sheet to fit a window in the space you are working. Make a hole to fit the vacuum hose and the power cord. Install the plywood sheet in the window. Place the vacuum on the outside of your house. Install the hose and the power cord through the hole in the plywood and seal with duct tape. You may have to purchase additional vacuum hose and a power cord. Using a remote power switch is also a good idea making it easier to switch the vacuum on and off. Place the vacuum on the outside with the blower directed away from the window. By having the vacuum outside, you also do not have to listen to the noise.

Why use an expensive vacuum when you place it on the outside anyway?   Believe it or not, dust flying around on the outside can still find a way inside through cracks in windows and doors. By using a HEPA or a High efficiency vacuum, you will eliminate the chance of having fine dust getting into your house by capturing it in the first place. Tape any cracks around doors and windows. Try my suggestion; you will be amazed how well it works


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