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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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Typical paint failure on shingle siding. Shingles are usually made out of a soft wood and have uneven or textured surfaces and therefore absorb paint very well. This is why removing paint from shingles is more labor intensive (compared to clapboard siding). Too many paint layers in conjunction with poor paint preparation will cause inevitable paint peeling.


Paint is removed from shingles. We discover there is a layer of stain under the paint and the scraping is easy. The infrared heat opens the grain allowing the primer to get a great tooth on this surface.


This is the finished paint job. In aquick glance at the walls you might think that the siding was replaced on this old house. A closer look reveals that the character of the house remains but in a beautiful state. This is the ultimate reward. This is something to pass down to generations and 30 or 50 years from know the process can be repeated without any damage to any aspects of this old structure. We are safe to say that we can challenge any other method of paint removing, there really is no comparison.


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