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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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Speak to the Painter

Have a question about your painting project?

Speak to a painter experienced in working through the transition from a chemical, petroleum-based painting system to a sustainable, long-term organic linseed oil based solution using organic linseed oils, paints, varnish, linseed oil wax etc.

Learn about using Allback linseed oil products. The Allback painting company has been teaching safe and sustainable painting practices since 1981. Our workshops are based on information and painting materials documented by Hans Allback from the 1880's.

Contact via E-mail, Phone or by Skype.

Purchasing a time slot for a phone/Skype session. On-site workshops and house inspections are available as well. We will travel to any location in the USA and Canada. When you purchase any of these services, you will be contacted as soon as possible. You can request a time to be contacted as well.

Purchase A Phone (or Skype) Consultation:

30 Minutes
#64000 Price: $35.00

1 Hour
#76000 Price: $55.00

Longer time slots can be purchased by phone as well, call 585 924-8070. Questions can be e-mailed to:

Schedule A Workshop at Your Location:

One day on site + travel expenses
#82000 Price: $300.00

House Inspection:

On site house inspection to creating a plan for paint removing and /or using the organic linseed oil paints, dutchman repairs, choice of material etc. Training outline for your contractor and painter for your project.

House inspection 2 hours + travel expenses beyond immediate area.
#92000 Price: $125.00

Larger group sessions can be arranged on site as well.

Color Matching:

We also assist with color matching using any NCS color number to create a linseed oil paint color.

Single Color
#96700 Price: $65.00
Multiple Colors
#96800 Price: $85.00

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