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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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Building Restoration Workshops

Workshops Location:
7710 Victor-Mendon Road
Victor, NY 14564
PH: 1-585-924-8070 / E-mail:

One Day Workshops: Price: $125.00 10am-5pm. This program to be held at our facility in Victor, New York. Bring lunch. Available upon request. Please call:(585) 924-8070 to schedule your one-day workshop.


Two Day Workshops: Price: $220.00 Two day workshops are available upon request. Please call:(585) 924-8070 to schedule your two-day workshop.

Paint Failure, Restoration, and Solutions. All Viking workshops teach our comprehensive restoration system using the Silent Paint Remover™ and organic linseed oil products at our facilities in Victor, New York. Our focus is on using only chemical free products for restoring and maintaining old and new. We will be touching on the historic aspects of purified organic linseed oil and various materials used before the invention of modern petroleum oil paints etc.

We are adopting the workshop program from the Allback Paint Company in Sweden that has been doing workshops since 1982. In addition we will also cover applications for utilizing the Silent Paint Remover in various paint removing applications. We will also highlight various organic cleaning products. Go Green to avoid any use of chemicals in any step of any restoration of your home or boat.

Explore Workshop Highlights: The 2 day workshop will be conducted on a Friday and Saturday. You will have the opportunity to bring objects and ask questions for your specific application. Guest speakers will highlight specific related experiences. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.

Window repair without epoxy.
Applying Allback organic linseed oil.

Window repair in the winter.
Restoration instead of replacement!

Cleaning wood with Allback linseed soap.
Maintaining wood with pine tar.

Removing paint on porches.
Removing paint on windows.

Complete window restoration.
Using Allback 50-year, organic, linseed paint products.

Rust prevention on cars and trucks.
Rebuilding porches to last!

Area Hotels:

Hampton Inn and Suites
7637 State Route 96
Victor, NY 14564

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
7502 County Road 42
Victor, NY 14564

Best Western Inn & Suites
7449 State Route 96
Victor, NY 14564

Microtel Inns & Suites
7498 Main St. Fishers
Victor, NY 14564

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