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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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The Silent Paint Remover™ Now Available in four models! NEW Putty Lamp now available!

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The Silent Paint Remover™ Model 1100 Carry Case & Weight Bar Included. No Chemicals, Grinding, or Sanding. Lead safe.

Specifications: Output: 1100 Watt Dimensions: 14.5 " x 7 1/8" x 6 2/8" Weight: 4 lb 3 oz. Heating area: 12" x 5" Heating time: 20-60 Seconds. Power: 15 Amp. 115 volt Grounded Outlet.

New Speedheater Model 1100-14

Get a FREE Triangular scraper with purchase.


# 1100
Price: $395.00

New Speedheater Model 1100-14NEW! Model 1100 GRH If you are a contractor, professional painter, or have a large project, this is the best choice of paint removers for you. The Silent Paint Remover GRH is equipped with a laser gold coated stainless steel reflector housing. A gold surface enhances the infrared very well, the result is a more even spread of the heat. This is the technology used on the Hubble Telescope on all infrared reflecting surfaces. This is state of the art. This tool takes standard Silent Paint Remover infrared replacement bulbs. Licensed by "Laser Gold".

Get a FREE Triangular scraper with purchase.


# 1100 GRH
Price: $525.00

New Model SH 1000NEW PRICE! The Silent Paint Remover SH 1000 "SUPER LIGHT" This is our SUPER LIGHT Silent Paint Remover™. The New Silent Paint Remover™ SH 1000 is built with fewer parts than the Silent Paint Remover™ 1100 and GRH. It is also available at less cost but still powerful for any paint, varnish or glue removing project. The Silent Paint Remover™ SH 1000 is designed for hand held operation only.

  • Super lightweight - only 3lb
  • Exceptional heat transfer
  • Automatic overheat protection (no reset button)
  • Stationary side shields
  • 1000 watt power consumption
  • Heavy duty power switch and power cord
  • Fixed mounted IR tubes
  • No carrying case or weight bar available for this model.

Get a FREE Triangular scraper with purchase.


# SH 1000
Price: $295.00

View Larger ImageNEW! Putty Lamp SH800 Specifically designed for removing old, dry window glazing putty without breaking the glass.
The heat passes through clean glass with no need to cover glass. This really works well!

Get a FREE Triangular scraper with purchase.


# SH800
Price: $495.00


How to Choose the Right Silent Paint Remover™ Tool for Your Needs:

  1. Silent Paint Remover™ 1100 For general use. May be mounted on hands free attachments. Weight bar included
  2. Silent Paint Remover™ GRH For larger projects and all-around use. Includes a gold-coated reflector for more uniform surface heating. Weight bar included. May be mounted on hands free attachments.
  3. Silent Paint Remover™ SH1000 Lightweight and great for smaller projects. Hand-held only. No weight bar
  4. Silent Paint Remover™ Putty Lamp SH800 Designed specifically for heating old dry putty. Heat passes through clean glass. Glass does not need to be covered. Weight bar included.
  5. Silent Paint Remover™ Twin This is a 4-tube version with gold reflectors. With all the features and benefits of the Model 1100 GRH, the Silent Paint Remover™ Twin has the ability to heat twice the surface area at approximately twice the heating time to get a deep penetrating heat buildup that allows you to have enough time to scrape.

The Silent Paint Remover™ is a high quality tool for removing paint, varnish, adhesive, silicone caulk etc. The tool uses infrared heat to soften paint and varnish adhesive, silicone caulk etc. After the substance is scraped off with a high-quality pull scraper, you can paint immediately. Use Organic Linseed oil based paint for the absolute best results and minimum future maintenance, no cracking or peeling paint: www.solventfreepaint.com. The Complete SPR System includes scrapers, accessories, Hands-free attachments that eliminate work interruption on trim, wall, and soffit applications and more tools to make your projects go smoothly.

All Silent Paint Removers™ operate with the same principal of heating the mass of the wood releasing the bond between the first layer of paint, varnish or glue. When can the coating be removed? The variables are heating time, ambient temperature and the thickness of the surface that is heated. Thicker layers tend to be more sensitive to infrared heat and therefore easier to scrape off.

NOTE: For stubborn paint, varnish or old window glazing add our Organic purified RAW linseed oil onto the surface (allow a few days for the oil to soak in) and the old stuff will react to the infrared heat for easier scraping. The oil will also bind the small amount of dust you my may create with the scraper. NOTE: After removing paint, use Organic 50 year linseed oil paint to prevent any paint failure in the future. No cracking or peeling paint. Easy to maintain by adding the organic purified linseed oil every 5-10 years. Savings over time is gigantic. Find these organic products on our website www.solventfreepaint.com.

View the Silent Paint Remover in action: Visit our Video Library or view these QuickTime video files. Download the free QuickTime Player.

Benefits of Infrared Heat and The Silent Paint Remover™:

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  • No chemicals
  • No heat gun
  • No shaving or sanding
  • Tool does not create dust
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Efficient and labor saving
  • Does not cause lead to be released in the form of plumbic gases from the paint when operated properly
  • Easy cleanup
  • Reduces the risk of painters' burnout
  • IR tube life length - 5000 hours
  • Gentle on wood
  • Significantly lower risk of fire compared to a heat-gun
  • Scraping tools stay sharp significantly longer with this tool
  • Low setup cost, no blade changing, no clogging, and no vibrations
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Softens paint and putty simultaneously
  • Paint immediately after paint removal
  • Ideal for window restoration
  • Ideal for removal of thick varnish on wooden boats
  • Creates a dry and disposable waste
  • Exterior and interior applications
  • Tool has no moving parts and is easily maintained
  • Tool heats the mass and not only the surface
  • Removes moisture in the wood during the process
  • Neutralizes mildew and fungus
  • The paint resin is drawn out to the surface creating a porous substrate and a tooth for the primer to grip on to. Result: very long lasting painted surface

View Larger Image Warranty Viking Sales, Inc. warrants The Silent Paint Remover™, its accessories, and other products for 1 year from the date of purchase according to federal, state and local regulations. Damage and defects that can be contributed to normal wear and tear, overloading, or incorrect use, are not covered by this warranty.


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Silent Paint Remover™ Upgrade Kit Now your old Model 1100 can be brought back to life and upgraded to Model 1100GRT with this do-it-yourself kit.

Special Price: $225.00 (Save $61.00)

Infrared Replacement Bulb  Bulb life expectancy is 5000 hours. It is suggested only to buy these when needed.

Fix-mounted IR Tube for the Silent Paint Remover SH 1000
# 1001

Price: $36.00 each


Infrared replacement bulb for Models 1100 and 1100GRH
# 1100-15

Price: $37.50 each

Infrared replacement bulb for the Model 1100GRT. The New Gold reflector tubes enhance the infrared heat (can be retrofitted to any older model Silent Paint Remover tools).
# 1100-16

Price: $55.00 each

  Extended Warranty Coverage  Protect your Silent Paint Remover™ for an extra year. Covers any faulty parts plus labor. Existing customers have up to one year (from time of purchase) to buy this coverage (broken tubes are not covered.)
Price: $29.95


The Complete System.   The Complete Silent Paint Remover™ System includes Model 1100, hands-free attachments, scrapers, carry case, and window restoration tools. This is everything you need for accomplishing efficient paint removing. Learn more.


220 Volt Silent Paint Remover™ NEW! We now offer the Silent Paint Remover in a 220V version for Europe. The power-cord supplied with the 220 volt unit is "Continental European CEE 7/7". Power cord plug may have to be replaced depending on style in each country. Since these are custom order tools, they are not returnable. Contact us for more information.


This Old House Magazine tests The Silent Paint Remover™ and other various paint removing methods. What stands between the Winchester House and new paint? Ten tenacious coats of the old stuff… Read more.


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