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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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Our scraper kits have become very popular: It is best to have all the various shapes of blades handy because you usually do not now what type of shape of molding you may run across. Many times the shape does not reveal itself until the paint gets removed. In window applications, this is especially common.

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Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation Scraper Kit 
We have created this scraper kit in collaboration with the Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation. This foundation provides education to save old wooden boats that have been neglected over the years. Learn more about the foundation at www.woodenboatrescue.org

Kit Includes: 1 Channel scraper, 1 Shield scraper, 1 Triangle Scraper, 2 German scrapers, 2 Clapboard scrapers, 1 Half moon "Swedish Bahco Brand" Professional file, and 1 Round "Swedish Bahco Brand" Professional file.


# 1200-80
Price: $248.50


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Window Restoration Kit - 7 Pc. Set   Kit includes: Profile heavy duty scraper, Clapboard heavy duty scraper, Boomerang heavy duty scraper, Oval heavy duty scraper, Triangle heavy duty full size scraper, Chisel with Roller Solid Tip, and Glass scraper mini.


# 1200-7pc
Price: $169.95


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Contractors' Triangular Scraper Kit   Kit includes: Five Triangular scrapers - soft grip 12" handles with hammer tip. One five pack of Triangular blades.


# 1200-CT
Price: $145.00


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Scraper Kit - 12 Pc. Set -   Kit includes: Triangular Scraper, Profile Scraper, Boomerang Scraper, Clapboard Scraper, Window Scraper, German Siding Scraper, Oval Scraper, and 5 Triangular Blades.


# 1200-6
Price: $238.50


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Scraper Kit with Window Restoration Tools - 13 Pc. Set -  Kit includes: Triangular Scraper, Profile Scraper, Boomerang Scraper, Clapboard Scraper, Window Scraper, Chisel With Roller, Putty scraper, 5 Triangular Blades & 1 Profile Blade.


# 1200-S
Price: $235.00

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