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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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Our scraper kits have become very popular: It is best to have all the various shapes of blades handy because you usually do not now what type of shape of molding you may run across. Many times the shape does not reveal itself until the paint gets removed. In window applications, this is especially common.

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Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation Scraper Kit 
We have created this scraper kit in collaboration with the Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation. This foundation provides education to save old wooden boats that have been neglected over the years. Learn more about the foundation at www.woodenboatrescue.org

Kit Includes: 1 Channel scraper, 1 Shield scraper, 1 Triangle Scraper, 2 German scrapers, 2 Clapboard scrapers, 1 Half moon "Swedish Bahco Brand" Professional file, 1 Round "Swedish Bahco Brand" Professional file and 1 Black carrying case


# 1200-80
Price: $289.00


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The Ultimate Tungsten Carbide Scraper Kit - 9 Pc. Set  Tungsten carbide out-last hardened steel scrapers 50 times. Recommended use: For removing thin coats of paint and for finishing wood surfaces before painting. The tungsten carbide is braised onto the steel handle for maximum performance eliminating blade flex completely. The best scraper ever invented. Sharpen with a diamond wheel or a diamond file. Carrying case included.






German Siding



Cove scraper



1/2" Scraper



Crown Scraper



1 1/4" Scraper



1 1/2" Scraper



2" Scraper



Two-Handed Scraper



Fluted Column



Carrying Case


# 1200-32
Special Price: $245.00 - You save $57.95


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The Ultimate Professional Restoration Tool Kit - 35 Pc. Set  Kit includes: Seven Triangular Scrapers, Profile Scraper, Two Handed Ergonomic Scraper, 2" Tungsten Carbide Scraper, 1 1/4" Tungsten Carbide Scraper, 5-Pack Triangular Scraper Blades, two Tungsten Reversible Blades for 2 Handed Ergonomic Scraper, 3-Pack Clapboard Blades, 3-Pack Boomerang Blades, 3-Pack Profile Blades Putty Chisel, Chisel w/Roller Solid Tip, Exact 4 " outdoor brush with synthetic filaments, Axept Angled 2" brush, Star 2 " Mixed Brush, Exact Oval 1 " brush with synthetic filaments, Axept Round 1 3/16" natural bristle, Professional Tool Bag.


# 12500
Price: $640.00 - You save $135.00


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The Ultimate ORGANIC Window Restoration Kit. Restore completely without chemicals:  We can now offer you this amazing window restoration system. This is based on a technique from 100 years ago, before petroleum and acrylic paint was introduced. Modern paint systems do not hold up more than a few years. In the old days, re-glazed and painted windows lasted for 50 years. WHY? They used Linseed oil window glazing and linseed paint. This linseed window glazing and the linseed paint is manufactured by Allback of Sweden from cleaned and sterilized linseed oil. Never any peeling and it can not cause mildew. Maintain painted surfaces with the cleaned boiled linseed oil or linseed wax after 8 to 10 years. More info is available at www.solventfreepaint.com.

You remove the paint and the old window glazing from the window frame and sash. (Use the Silent Paint Remover). Kit includes all you need to restore several windows including paint. No need for primer. The penetration power of linseed paint is superior to any modern paint and will adhere to just about any surface. Paint covers twice the surface area compared to modern paints. No solvents or chemicals in any step of the restoration process. You cleanup with linseed soap.


Profile scraper



Window scraper



Clapboard scraper



Chisel with roller. Remove glazing easily



Putty knife with rubberized handle



Glass scraper



Steel wool Grade #2



Steel wool Grade #3



Organic Linseed window glazing



Organic boiled linseed oil



Glazing points



Organic white linseed paint



Organic linseed soap for cleanup



Natural Round Bristle Brush 1"



Natural Round Bristle Brush 1 3/8"



Natural Round Bristle Brush 2"

17. 1 Acid Swab Brush  
18. 1 oz Shellac Flakes  

# 1200-18pc
Price: $269.00


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Window Restoration Kit - 7 Pc. Set   Kit includes: Profile heavy duty scraper, Clapboard heavy duty scraper, Boomerang heavy duty scraper, Oval heavy duty scraper, Triangle heavy duty full size scraper, Chisel with Roller Solid Tip, and Glass scraper mini.


# 1200-7pc
Price: $169.95


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Contractors' Triangular Scraper Kit   Kit includes: Five Triangular scrapers - soft grip 12" handles with hammer tip. One five pack of Triangular blades.


# 1200-CT
Price: $145.00


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Scraper Kit - 14 Pc. Set - FREE Deluxe case!   Kit includes: Triangular Scraper, Profile Scraper, Boomerang Scraper, Clapboard Scraper, Window Scraper, German Siding Scraper, Oval Scraper, 1 " Tungsten Carbide Scraper, 2" Tungsten Carbide Scraper, and 5 Triangular Blades.


# 1200-6
Price: $270.00


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Scraper Kit with Window Restoration Tools - 16 Pc. Set - FREE Deluxe case!   Kit includes: Triangular Scraper, Profile Scraper, Boomerang Scraper, Clapboard Scraper, Window Scraper, 1 " Tungsten Carbide Scraper, 2" Tungsten Carbide Scraper, Chisel With Roller, Putty scraper, 5 Triangular Blades & 1 Profile Blade.


# 1200-S
Price: $260.00

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