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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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Benefits of Infrared Heat.

The Silent Paint Remover™ Method. By using The Silent Paint Remover system, you are choosing an environmentally friendly way of stripping and disposing of paint. Infrared Heat technology only heats the paint to the point when it can be easily scraped off. Low operating temperature prevents hazardous plumbic gases that might otherwise be released using other heat or hazardous chemical methods. You are left with a dry and easily disposable substance.

Dries out moisture. Infrared heat opens the grain of the wood much more effectively than any other paint removal method without damaging the wood. Moisture is drawn out of the wood as well as the paint resin, creating a porous substrate and a tooth for the primer to grip on to and leaving the surface immediately ready for painting. The natural resins are forced out to the surface of the wood, increasing resistance to moisture and helping prevent the new layer of paint from drying out. Mildew and fungal threats are eliminated. This extends the life of the paint layer

Proven Technology. The Silent Paint Remover™ system has become a well-known and accepted method within the paint industry in various countries around the world. The method is gentle on wood. It is now widely accepted in North America. More than 8,000 Silent Paint Removers have been sold in the United States to homeowners, contractors, museum restoration groups, national park services, and others. The Silent Paint Remover™ is recommended by the National Heritage Board of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

No sanding required. Infrared heat quickly and silently loosens most types of paint and varnish without creating dust. If you utilize our hands-free attachment, you can heat while you scrape. Power sanding is not necessary. If you absolutely need the surface to be smoother after scraping the surfaces, light hand-sanding is an option.

Paint Immediately. A great advantage is that you can prime right after the paint or varnish is removed. Heat an area for approximately 30 seconds, scrape the paint off with a sharp pull scraper and you are ready to paint.

The only tool that softens paint and putty at the same time. The Silent Paint Remover™ is very effective in the renovation of windows. We offer a great hand tool for removing glazing - a chisel with a roller attached. After you have heated the paint and the glazing. You scrape the paint off first. The glazing will retain heat longer. At this stage you can easily see the line of window glazing. Adjust the setting to allow the chisel roller to ride at a level where it does not touch the glazing pins. This makes it very effective. A sash can be finished quickly.

Radiation and fire-safe. The Silent Paint Remover™ only emits as much radiation as is produced by the embers of an open fire. Operating temperature is normally just 400 - 500 degrees. The surface is only heated to approximately 300 degree's. Only the exposed surface becomes warm, in contrast to the 1100 degrees produced by a hot air gun which can start fires. The exact frequency generated by the IR tubes has been meticulously calibrated to penetrate wood surfaces.

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