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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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Hands-Free Attachments


For The Silent Paint Remover™ Model 1100. Eliminate work interruption on trim, wall, and soffit applications with hands-free attachments.

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Hands-free Wall Attachment: Horizontal Application   Greatly improves speed. The hands-free wall attachment for The Silent Paint Remover™ (sold separately) makes paint removal very efficient on exterior wood siding, trim etc. With this attachment you do not need to hold the tool; you can move along very quickly. The tool moves effortlessly - every 20 to 30 seconds you can push The Silent Paint Remover™ forward on to a new area while you are scraping the previously heated surface. The aluminum track can be extended to desired length or you can simply work with a shorter track and move it to new locations as the paint removing proceeds. You also reduce the risk of dropping the tool, damaging the tubes when it is mounted on all of our hands free attachment.


  • Aluminum profile (8')
  • Three mounting "L" brackets with adjustment screws
  • Slide assembly
  • Two 5' steel rods total 10'
  • Tool holding bracket
  • Instruction sheet

# 400-1
Price: $230.00

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Pro-Arm 13' Extension Diameter (156" action radius when mounted on a vertical pole.) Lightweight Aluminum. Welded construction. Professional Edition.   This labor-saving "arm" for The Silent Paint Remover™ is a must for any paint removing project. This articulating device will hold the paint remover in infinitive settings. The cost of this attachment is saved within a few days compared to holding The Silent Paint Remover™ by hand. It reduces the risk of painter burnout and eliminates possible damage to the tool by dropping it on a hard surface. This attachment is sturdy, high quality and moves very smoothly. In our test project we found that a two section articulating arm is much easier to work with than a 3 section arm. Our contractors and home owners love this hands-free attachment. The Silent Paint Remover™ is sold separately. You can use up to a 2 3/8" diameter fence post (Not included) from your local hardware store as your vertical post. This attachment works very well with the vertical wall post assembly kit art # 400-47.


# 400-9
Special Price: $395.00
Regular Price: $495.00



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MK II Standard Articulating Clamp-Arm   Our improved standard articulating arm has now two sections. It also reaches over 3’ 8. There is a joint at the end of the arm. The MKII articulating arm is more agile and is lighter than its predecessor. Mounts vertically only. The Silent Paint Remover™ is sold separately.


# 400-8MK
Price: $195.00

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Complete Vertical Pipe Holder System   Complete vertical pipe holder system. To hold any of the articulating arms for easy access when working with The Silent Paint Remover™.

Note: Fence posts (or pipe) not included.


  • Wall Attachment - #400-44
  • Swivel Base - #400-46
  • Pipe Joint - #400-43

# 400-47
Price: $145.00

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Vertical Wall Pipe Holder Bracket - NEW!   This will allow you to mount a pipe vertically for using the articulating arm on exterior or interior walls when using the The Silent Paint Remover™. This system was specifically designed to hold our professional articulating arm when working on challenging paint removing projects. This can be used for flat walls, in and around soffits, overhang, etc . This part is also available in the kit art 400-47. You build the system with 2 3/8" diameter fence posts available at any hardware store. You may be able to use a smaller diameter post as well but may be less stable. Fence post not included. This holder will place the vertical pipe 6" from the wall.

# 400-44
Price: $55.00


Mobile Steel Base   Mobile steel heavy duty 20" x 20" platform. You can mount a 1.5" to 2 3/8"diameter pipe. This is a platform to mount a vertical pipe for the The Silent Paint Remover™ articulating arm on to. Use a 2.38" diameter galvanized fence post for great stability and a much better platform compared to a stand with legs that you could trip over. Easily add weight to the surface of the base if necessary. Mobile base weight 26Lb. Includes 4 thermoplastic rubber wheels for easy mobility. For stationary applications, remove the wheels and bolt the base to two 22" long 2 x 4 studs creating a sled.


# 400-45
Price: $95.00

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Swivel Base   Swivel Base for a vertical post. Fits up to a 2 3/8" fence post. This item will hold a vertical pipe on the ground, deck or rooftop. Use a spike to drive into the ground preventing the base from sliding sideways. You can also screw the swivel base onto any other surface. Also available as a part of the complete kit art#400-47.


# 400-46
Price: $80.00

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Pipe Joint   Pipe joint. Fits a 2 3/8” fence post (not included/ available at most hardware stores). Add several pipes to increase height of the wall attachment


# 400-43
Price: $25.00

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Hands Free Attachment: Soffit Application  This attachment hooks on to the gutters allowing you to slide the tool along under the soffit. With this application, The Silent Paint Remover™ (sold separately) provides quick results. If you can not keep scraping at the same pace, you may swing the tool away from the soffit - allowing you to catch up with the scraping. The track can also be mounted on the fascia board without gutters with two L brackets (not included).

Kit Includes:

  • 1 PC of aluminum profiles 6'
  • 2 mounting brackets for attaching to a gutter
  • 2 ballbearing slides with rod attachment
  • 1 PC 5' steel rod
  • 1 tool holding bracket
  • 1 Tool counter weight

# 400-2
Price: $215.00


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Soffit Adapter Kit   We offer this scaled-down soffit attachment kit for customers who already have the wall attachment. Several parts from the wall attachment make this kit complete. The Silent Paint Remover™ is sold separately.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Mounting brackets for attaching onto the aluminum track
  • 2 Lexan two wheel slide with bracket to hold the rod
  • 1 Counter weight

# 400-3
Price: $110.00

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