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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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About Viking Sales, Inc.

Well-Designed, Hard-To-Find Products from Europe

Viking Salesis the exclusive distributor of The Silent Paint Remover, Anza painting accessories, and Allback linseed paint products. Viking Sales has also introduced an impressive line of environmentally-safe cleaning products. All of our product lines have received excellent independent reviews from well-respected, industry leaders around the world.

We Really Love What We Do and It Shows

When you contact us, you will speak with an experienced person who knows the products and can offer fast and reliable sales, service, and shipping arrangements. And - unlike many catalog firms - our warehouse is stocked full so we know our products well first-hand.

From restoring old windows to selecting the right paint brush, we offer a wealth of advice and free, expert information that cannot be found anywhere else. You will find the President of Viking Sales is personally engaged in customer support on a regular basis - not a high pressure salesperson. We have been in business for over 10 years so you know you can trust us to help you make the right choices and prevent expensive mistakes.

Ergonomically Sound and Environmentally Friendly

We truly care about you and the environment and take pride in providing healthy, sustainably produced products not yet readily available from mainstream retailers in the United States. We don't sell any chemical based products because we feel they are dangerous for us all. We strongly believe that we must move away from the chemical-based products used in our daily life. Our focus is on providing high quality, natural and organic products that benefit human health and the environment.

Our Product Lines Are Growing...

We search all over the USA and the rest of the world looking for the best products. We only buy from companies that meet our exact, demanding specifications with experience doing business in the USA. We don't make any compromises in this area.

All web sites accept all major credit cards and offer secure online orders via PayPal.com.

  • The Silent Paint Remover System: www.silentpaintremover.com: An environmentally friendly method for removing thick layers of paint and varnish using infrared heat instead of harsh chemicals, sanders or grinders.
  • Paint Brushes and Accessories: www.paintbrushesandrollers.com: ANZA is known throughout Europe for paint brushes and accessories with superior function, quality, ergonomics, and design.
  • Allback Organic Linseed Paint Products: www.solventfreepaint.com: Linseed oil paint is back. Through the rediscovery of ancient wisdom, there is finally an alternative to chemical paint hazards and failure.
  • Organic Cleaning Products: www.cleaningchemfree.com: Featuring cleaning products that work by SODASAN.
    Fair trade, certified organic cleaners, laundry detergents & soaps made from fruits, vegetables & plants.


  The Silent Paint Remover™
  The Silent Paint Remover™ Twin
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Other Products You Can Feel Good About:

  Organic Linseed Paint
  Paint Brushes & Rollers
  Organic Cleaning Products
  HEPA Vacuum Cleaners
  Solid Teak Windows

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