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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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See the Silent Paint Remover™ and Organic Linseed Paint and Products in action!

Window Restoration Part 1: In this video, we show the step by step process of removing old paint using the Silent Paint Remover.

Window Restoration Part 2: In this video, we show the step by step process of restoring an old window with Allback Linseed Oil Products.

How To Prepare Allback Linseed Oil Glazing Putty

How To Mix and Apply Shellack Flakes For Window Restoration

How To Use Glazing Pins For Window Restoration

How To Back Bed w/ Allback Linseed Oil Window Glazing Putty

How To Apply Allback Linseed Oil Window Glazing Putty

How To Trim Back Allback Linseed Oil Paint For Window Restoration

Opening your Can of Organic Linseed Paint: 3 Liter Linseed Paint cans are a little different from your traditional American-style paint can. Opening the 3 Liter paint can is easy. Watch this video to learn how.

QuickTime Video Clips: You need Adobe QuickTime Player to view these files. Download the free QuickTime Player.

The Silent Paint Remover™ is a high quality tool for removing paint, varnish, adhesive, silicone caulk etc. The tool uses infrared heat to soften paint and varnish adhesive, silicone caulk etc. After the substance is scraped off with a high-quality pull scraper, you can paint immediately. Use Organic Linseed oil based paint for the absolute best results and minimum future maintenance, no cracking or peeling paint: www.solventfreepaint.com. The Complete SPR System includes scrapers, accessories, Hands-free attachments that eliminate work interruption on trim, wall, and soffit applications and more tools to make your projects go smoothly.

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