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A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat.

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For Use with The Silent Paint Remover™ System: All the accessories you need to make your job go smoothly.

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Chisel with Roller - Solid Tipped   New solid chisel cutting edge for better control when removing glazing after it has been heated. Roller is fixed. Adjust the depth by bringing the handle up (cutting deeper) or bringing the handle down (cutting shallower). This tool is a necessity when restoring old window sashes. Tool made in England.

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# 1200-11
Price: $28.00


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View Larger Image Window and Clapboard Opener   For opening seams along clapboards for ventilation and around windows that have been painted shut.


# 1200-20
Price: $9.95

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Putty Chisel   Handy scraper for removing residual window glazing on the sash and the window glass. Can also be used to apply window glazing.


# 1200-1
Price: $9.00

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Boric Acid   16 oz bottle. This Boric Acid, a white powder, is mined from the Mojave Desert in California and is nature's proven long-term treatment in eliminating Cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, Water bugs, Ants, Silverfish, Carpenter Ants, and Termites. Learn more about Boric Acid - nature's own pesticide.


# 030310
Price: $18.95

  Boric Acid

Heat-Resistant Aluminum Tape   Protect areas from high temperatures and infrared heat with this self-adhesive tape. Will not breakdown when heated. Works great during window restoration and for other areas you need to protect.


# 1200-T
Price $12.50
Special Price: $9.95

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3M Respirator   Respirator made by 3M for lead paint removing 3M respirator recommended for lead Paint Removal. Also for: Reducing exposure to dusts from wood working and sanding painted surfaces. Where lead containing coating are present , use for reducing exposure to dusts from manual demolition of structures (e.g. drywall), scraping, manual sanding, and power tool cleaning with dust collection systems. For information and assistance on 3M Health and Safety Products call 3M tech line at 1 800 243 4630. At least 99.97 filtration against solid dust. NIOSH Approved: N100


# N100
Price: $9.95

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Blade Sharpener (Low Speed Grinder Kit)   Includes everything you need to effectively sharpen your blades. Quiet, smooth HP, 1725 RPM slow speed grinder is great for sharpening scraper blades without generating the heat that you get so quickly from 3450 RPM grinders. Next best to a wet-wheel but much faster. Unlike most grinders, which include cheap useless gray wheels, this slow speed grinder comes equipped with 1" x 8" 120 grit & 1" x 8" 60 grit white aluminum oxide grinding wheels. Also includes the Blade Jig and our praised Blade Holder. Cut and place the grinder on an 8" x 8"piece of plywood. Cut another piece of plywood 16" x 8". Place the grinder and the 8" x 8" plywood base on top of the larger plywood piece. Bolt both pieces of the plywood and the grinder together centered with two bolts. Screw the jig right underneath the fine wheel. The grinder needs to be raised up approximately " to clear the jig (see picture). You can clamp this set-up on a table or bolt it onto a pedestal stand.


# 144290
Price: $239.59

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Blade Sharpening Jig   Very useful item to guide the blade when you are sharpening our hardened steel blades. It is possible to sharpen the blades without removing the blade from the handle. Maintaining the same angle of the scrapers blade is essential to get an effective scraper. This jig can be utilized on any grinder. Use a 1750 rpm grinder. A faster grinder may destroy the hardening in the steel. Mount the jig on a plywood platform under the grinder wheel and cut another piece of plywood for the base of the grinder raising the grinder up approximately ". Note: Blade sharpener is not included.


# J100
Price: $69.00

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Blade Holder   Blade holder for blade sharpening jig. Excellent for holding Triangular, Clapboard, Window & German siding blades on our sharpening jig.


# 1234
Price: $19.95

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Glass Cutter Supreme. This is the best glass cutter you can find. The handle holds lubricant for continuous oil supply to the cutter wheel. The cutter consists of a very hard alloy steel and will last a lifetime. This glass cutter is for all types of glass including wavy old glass.


# 50028
Price: $49.50


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Shellac Flakes. Shellac flakes are the base for the coating of your rabbits in your window sash. It is important to trap the raw linseed oil in the linseed oil glazing between the shellac and the organic linseed oil paint on the outside of the glazing. This is why old linseed oil glazing last for 50 years. Mix the shellac flakes with just a few drops of denatured alcohol. The mixture should be of the consistency of syrup. With thick shellac you will only need one coat. Shellac is an excellent barrier. Drying time is one hour. Shellac is also used for knots to prevent the sap from going through any paint. Visit www.solventfreepaint.com for more about linseed oil products.


# 50022
Price: $3.75 / ounce


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Glazing Hammer and Pins. This is the European glazing pin system used for hundreds of years. The hammer is shaped as a wedge. The hammer rides on the glass so the force onto the glazing pin goes parallel to the glass preventing much of the risk of cracking the glass when installing the new window pane.

Glazing pins ( rods ): Each rod has 18 glazing pins. You bend the glazing pin to a 90 degree angle. This give you a rod to hold on to while you hammer the pin into the sash. These pins are easy to bend after they are hammered into the sash. By bending the pins down along the thin edge of the rabbit you will prevent running into the glazing pins when you are applying the linseed oil glazing putty.


Glazing Hammer
# 21401
Price: $29.95


Glazing Pins ( Rods )
# 50501
Price: $0.20 / each rod


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"Soft Flex" Glazing Knife. Our flexible glazing knife is for finishing the linseed oil glazing putty. Use a few drops of our organic raw linseed on the knife to get a very smooth surface. Photo shows how flexible the blade is.


Glazing Knife
# 109907
Price: $12.00


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Micro-fiber Ultra Absorbing Cloths. Micro-fiber is a revolutionary fabric which is 100 times finer than human hair, containing 90000 micro-fibers per square inch, captures dist, dirt and grime without the use of any chemicals. Surface becomes instantly clean, dry and shined.


3 pack assorted colors.
# 84314
Price: $7.95


25 pack assorted colors.
# 984314
Price: $24.00


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Infrared Replacement Bulb  Infrared replacement bulb for The Silent Paint Remover Models 1100 and 100GRH. Bulb life expectancy is 5000 hours. It is suggested only to buy a replacement bulb when needed.


Infrared replacement bulb for Models 1100 and 1100GRH
# 1100-15
Price: $37.50 each

Fix-mounted IR Tube for the Silent Paint Remover SH1000
# 1001

Price: $36.00 each


Infrared replacement bulb for Model 1100GRT. The New Gold reflector tubes enhance the infrared heat (can be retrofitted to any older model Silent Paint Remover tools).
# 1100-16
Price: $55.00 each

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Screwdriver Repair Set   These tools are needed to change the IR bulbs or clean/service your Silent Paint Remover. Kit includes one 4mm flathead screwdriver and one torx wrench.


# 1200-R
Price: $8.00

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Tool Hook   A secure way to hang The Silent Paint Remover™ on a ladders while you scrape.


# 1100-H
Price: $12.00

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Tool Hook for Ladders   Heavy duty gauge wire bent into an S shape.


# 980045
Price: $3.95

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Halfmoon File   12" halfmoon with a flat side file for sharpening our hardened steel scrapers. Not for tungsten carbide scrapers. This file is top of the line professional equipment.


# 8250119
Price: $28.50

Round File   10" round file for sharpening our concave shaped scraper blades. Not for tungsten carbide scrapers. This file is top of the line professional equipment.

# 8250140
Price: $12.00


Maintaining A Lead-Safe Home   (Revised edition - reflects new HUD rule) A clearly written 'How - To' book that can give you critical information about lead risks in your home or apartment. It details steps an individual can take to minimize or eliminate the problem, and also what step you should take if you decide to hire a professional.

About the author: Dennis Livingston has long hands on experience with lead safety issues and has worked as a consultant for HUD and other government agencies. Book is endorsed by Andrew Cuomo, Secretary U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development.


# 1300-B
Price: $10.00

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Linseed Soap Cleaning Kit 5L Linseed Oil Soap, Applicator brush and a stiff scrub brush. For removing dirt and mildew on all surfaces, interior and exterior. Wet the surface slightly. Apply the linseed oil soap directly on the surface with the applicator brush. Scrub with the yellow stiff brush. Rinse with water or wipe off with a microfiber cloth for best results. Exterior walls: start at the top of the wall and work down.


# 506503
Price: $80.00

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